Selling to targeted customer/customers who are really interested in buying your products or services is a big tasks.

We have some softwares here which are very useful for business owners to sell their products and services to targeted customers/clients and make huge sales. No matter what type of business you are into. Even if it’s MLM, it would be very useful for you to get serous downlines and build a business minded team.

You will also make good money by being our affiliate. Please read to the end for full details…


1. Simpel Audiens (Updated version)

This would help you to extract millions of targeted Phone numbers and emails of people from Facebook based on keywords like interests, location, professions, etc.

Market price = #20,000

Sales price = #15,000

2. Whatsapp Sender Pro V3 (Latest version)

This one would help you send bulk messages to people on Whatsapp. It can send 3,000 messages within some minutes. (it can send messages to unlimited amount of phone numbers on Whatsapp)

You can also import phone numbers from Excel file, and your message from a text file.

Market price = #22,000

Our price = #17,000


3. Send Blaster (updated version)

This one would help you send messages to millions of email addresses at a time easily.

Market price = #25,000

Our price = #20,000




=== If you get the three softwares; (1) Simpel Audiens, (2) Whatsapp Sender Pro V3 and (3) Send Blaster, … We would give you the three for just N35,000


We would send you the softwares and the setup guide to your email address and you would be able to start using them to sell within 5 minutes.

N.B. : You can also make good money by being our Affiliate. If you refer your friends to us to buy any of these softwares, we shall pay you solid 10% of the sales instantly. Just let tell your friends who want to buy to mention your name and phone number and we shall contact you immediately. And you can also order for them and keep your commissions.